Cloud3D Services
We are pleased to introduce our "Cloud3Dâ„  Services" that facilitate easy, safe, and secure transfer of inspection reports to and from various devices using our Phone3D application.

Q: What are "Cloud3Dâ„   Services"?

This service uses secure Microsoft®-hosted servers "in the cloud" to facilitate easy, safe, and secure transfer of inspection reports to and from various devices, including inspection reports sent to and from Phone3D  running on various devices. "It just works".

What does that mean? With a simple login on your computers and devices, you'll be able to upload and retrieve inspection reports without complicated file transfer setups like ActiveSync® or Windows®  Mobile Device Center, and it also provides more reliable file transfer then FTP options.

Q: What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is Web-based processing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices (such as smart phones) on demand over the Internet. Cloud computing reduces the resources and know-how for small businesses and consumers, allowing them to take advantage of a larger infrastructure available and maintained by professional companies by simply "renting" usage from a third-party provider. Thus consumers and businesses don't have to be responsible for the cost of setting up, owning, and maintaining the physical infrastructure required, but benefit by consuming resources as a service instead. Many cloud-computing offerings charge similar to traditional utility services (such as electricity), or on a monthly or yearly subscription basis for various levels of service.

You are likely already familiar with other cloud computing services or solutions that have become popular today. For example, many companies use online backup services, photo sharing and printing services, file sharing, and productivity tools. A simple login usually makes access to your online files or content easy.

Q: Which 3D Inspection System versions can use Cloud3Dâ„ ?

Only version 11.3 or higher of the regular 3D Inspection Systems software has an interface to use Cloud3D Services.  Phone3D applications for phones and tablets also exclusively uses Cloud3D Services (hosted on Microsoft servers) to transfer inspection reports to and from your regular 3D desktop software.

Q: How do I turn Cloud3Dâ„  Services on?

There are two easy steps:
  • 1.  In your report writer Preferences > Preferences, Cloud3D Services tab, enable Cloud3D by ticking the box.
  • 2.  You must also sign up for a Cloud3Dâ„  Services account with 3D Inspection Systems. Your unique account keeps track of your private uploads and downloads. You'll find a link to our sign-up page below.
3D Inspection Systems will notify you when your Cloud3Dâ„   account is activated, after which you may immediately begin to use it.

Your Cloud3Dâ„  Services master User Name (Account ID)  and Password will be the same as you set up during your initial activation of version 11.3 or higher software (be sure to keep your master login password confidential). However you will be able to enable additional logins for Inspectors or employees, all of which function under your master account and Cloud3Dâ„  Services subscription. Your inspectors will simply log-in using their login you create for them to see, retrieve, or upload inspections you have assigned to them. It's that easy. There's no complicated server or other settings to worry about.

Q: What happens when I turn Cloud3Dâ„   Services on?

Cloud3Dâ„  Services are currently available to transfer inspection reports to and from Phone3D™.  Enabling Cloud3Dâ„  adjusts sets the mobile Phone3D options in the software to send and retrieve reports from the "cloud".
  • In Office Management, use the Cloud3D Inspections button to upload a mobile inspection to your Cloud3Dâ„   account. Simply enter your login (you may choose to have 3D remember your login for convenience)
  • In Phone3D™, login to open reports waiting in the "cloud" for you to complete; send them back when finished.
  • Back in your regular program use Cloud3D Inspections button to Convert Inspection, which retrieves the finished report back from the cloud and transforms it into a regular inspection on your main computer.

Q: Is there a cost to use Cloud3Dâ„  ?

3D Inspection Systems currently allows users with a current subscription to use Cloud3Dâ„   Services at no charge.

Cloud3Dâ„   Services are hosted on Microsoft® servers and 3D incurs a charge for their usage each time files are transferred, so ordinarily we would pass nominal traffic charges onto users who take advantage of these features and options.  UPDATE 2011: 3D Inspection Systems corporate decided to absorb the cost of transfers for current software subscribers each year for a normal average year's worth of inspections*.  We reserve the right to change this at a future time, or charge nominal overage fees for large or multi-inspector firms that exceed the yearly average.   This means that simply keeping your software subscription current will allow you cost-free use of Phone3D and report transfers*.
 Read the original press release announcement here
(*up to 500 inspections per year, typically more than the average single-inspector firm would use.  High-volume firms may purchase additional blocks of 500 cloud inspections as needed.)

3D Inspection Systems plans to offer various annual membership subscription levels, so users may purchase the most appropriate block of Cloud3Dâ„   usage based on the number of inspections they expect to transfer. This flexibility will allow you to accommodate seasonal fluctuations in your business over the course of each year. The costs for yearly memberships of Cloud3Dâ„  will be determined in the future. In the meantime, take advantage of a Cloud3Dâ„  promotional account now to try it out "on us" for your inspection needs.

In order to use Cloud3Dâ„   Services, Internet access is required on the devices or computers. You must may obtain Internet access separately from your wireless phone and/or local Internet providers, or you may use your in-office router WiFi or wireless access point to obtain internet access on your devices.  3D Inspection Systems is not responsible for your phone service or Internet access.

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