Sample Reports

There are virtually an unlimited number of possible styles of printed reports that may be produced using the 3D Inspection System.

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Custom Form Studio

Our legendary Custom Form Studio is globally recognized as the template designer of choice. Its unmatched ability to customize, create and duplicate any type of form has made it the only serious choice for mobile electronic data collection and reporting. With the Custom Form Studio, you can quickly and easily create and produce new forms, duplicate existing forms, or just modify included forms for use with the Report Writer and mobile Phone3D software. With the Custom Form Studio, you now have the power to create any forms you desire.

• Add a library of custom comments for each inspected component or item
• Highlight comments with color, bold, italics and underline
• Cut, Copy and Paste any wording from one component to another
• Automatically merge job information from 3D Office Management
• Spell Checker for getting it right the first time
• Rename, move or create new form headings and subheadings
• Move or replicate form sections from one area to another
• Add automatic disclaiming text wherever needed
• Include graphic Diagrams and Schematics anywhere in your forms
• Use advanced features like subforms to easily manage repeated or shared areas or equipment like bathrooms, water heaters, and more
• Create narrative reports or preprinted-type graphical-style reports
• Your custom forms may be used on mobile devices running the Phone3D app
• Distribute, trade, or sell your original form creations to other 3D users royalty-free
• Additional plug-in forms are widely available from third parties
• Set comments to automatically go to summary, or to be pre-selected for new inspections