Enterprise solutions are available for larger, growing companies, or those with custom needs.  These include Networking options, Franchisor Opportunities, and various SDKs for developers.

In addition, Premier editions of 3D Inspection System software interface with mainstream products like QuickBooks Pro to streamline your work flow.  Other companies, such as Inspection Support Network and Scheduler Center, have also created interfaces to work along with 3D Inspection System software.

Networking options

We recommend the top-of-the-line 3D Inspection System Premier edition for networking multiple computers together, so you will have the added flexibility you need.   Here is general information and instructions about networking: http://www.3dinspection.com//news/pdf-whats-new/NETWORKING12.pdf

Your SQL and network administrators are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and making appropriate network connections, and regular backups of your SQL databases and other data files.

Since the Office Management information is stored in SQL Express, additional benefits include being able to create custom database or analysis reports from SQL Server. As your business grows, your software can too!

Franchisor Opportunites

Are you are franchisor in an inspection service industry that needs a better software solution for your franchisee reporting needs? Does your franchise specialize in home inspection, restaurant inspections, environmental services, pest inspections, or others? Nearly any type of inspection form can be replicated or produced in the 3D software, included specialty forms used by your Franchise. Custom content can be bundled with our product to create a custom Focus product branded for your Franchise, and made available solely to franchisees at special bulk license rates.  Contact our corporate office here to find out more.

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SDKs For Developers and Programmers

Data Mining Inspection Reports

Developers can build a custom 3D Export DLL in order to export or mine data from inspection reports created in the Report Writer.
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Launch the 3D Report Writer from your Application

ActiveX methods allow integration of the Report Writer into another application front end. Service-based packages in other industries may use this to benefit from the 3D Inspection Systems report writing and form printing abilities.
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