Sample Reports

There are virtually an unlimited number of possible styles of printed reports that may be produced using the 3D Inspection System.

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Document Editor - Word Processor

A handy Document Editor comes with every copy of 3D Inspection System software.  Customize included contracts, summaries, cover pages and more. Text is automatically spell-checked as you type with any areas needing correction easily identified by red wavy underlining in the document, just like you're used to in other popular programs.

Merge information from reports into documents of all manner, and customize your report letterhead used with report layout options to produce finished reports with the appearance you desire.  An advanced Word Processor area included with Standard and Premier editions lets you expand the number of documents and items used in the software and may also be used as a stand-alone word processor for general correspondence for any purpose.

The Document Editor / Word Processor seamlessly integrates with the report writer so that you use "fill in the blank" master templates to produce inspection summaries or cover pages instantly. Since the document will merge information from Report Writer and Office Management automatically, you're work is done by just attaching the desired document items to your report.  Eliminates double-entry of information.  You may also use the document editor to email pre-inspection agreements, contracts, or other correspondence directly to your contacts with job information automatically included before the inspection report is even created.  One-click Actions easily launch or attach included documents so it's only a few clicks to set up or finalize your inspections!

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