View Full Version : Pocket 3d & HP iPAQ211

John M
05-21-2011, 05:06 PM
Any one using HP Ipaq hand held with pocket 3d? My Active Sync cable or cord is badl; AGAIN. Does anyone save info to the Ipaq's SD storage card. Would like to re-set iPaq and how to import SD inspection data to 3D & office management. Ver 11. 3 something. Thanks

05-27-2011, 01:45 PM
There's information about the option of using memory cards to transfer reports to/from a legacy Windows Mobile PDA right in the Pocket3D Documentation that comes included in your main program HelpDesk. Under the "Transferring Files" section in the table of contents.

Or you may want to just consider upgrading to the newer Windows Phone 7 PDAs, since they avoid all the hassle of even having to connect using a cable to transfer files or bother with any of that partnership setup that used to be needed. Transfers work with a simple login now, so much simpler and easier. And also a lot safer then the old cable method too.

You could even have a bad USB port giving you trouble if you think you've had two bad cables, which sounds pretty unlikely to have happen twice. I have one bad USB port on one of my computers. Wondered why I wasn't always getting a connection to some of my devices- originally thought it was the device cable, turned out to be the port all along. It will charge a device, but won't connect properly, go figure.