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08-02-2011, 01:53 PM
I use the 3D app for the windows 7 htc on a daily basis . Sometimes I take a pic in one area of the report but intended it for another area. How can I copy and paste or save it to my pc for placement elsewhere ?

08-04-2011, 12:15 PM
There's two ways you may take pictures on the phone. If you take them directly with the main camera app (not tapping the camera button in 3D), they only go into your normal Pictures app on your phone. You'd then access those when you sync your phone with Zune on your computer and it transfers your separate photos over- see Zune for details on that. But if you use the camera button in Phone3D, any photos taken that way are only embedded into your report itself in that specific field. WP7 completely keeps all apps separate from each other so there's no way to transfer data like that between different apps on the phone itself. So if you use the camera icon in 3D to take your picture, that pictures only exists inside the report where you took it and not as a separate file. If you take a picture in the wrong place in your report, just take it again in the correct field while you're there on site, so you don't have to reorganize anything later.

But if you still do need to access the images inserted into a report directly later on, they are all stored in the temp folder for the final report while the report is open in 3D on a main computer. So it is *possible* to retrieve them from there.

Now if you take photos with the regular camera on the phone, you can always insert those into a report later on the desktop and use them elsewhere. You may find that easier, depending on your needs. And you can always still bookmark areas in the report where they go for easier matching up later.

Or you could take two pictures if you know you want one copy to use elsewhere- one using the regular phone camera app (by pressing the main phone camera button to access the camera directly), and another directly into the report where you want it by tapping the camera icon in Phone3D.

Now as I mentioned, if you have photos imbedded in a 3D report, after converting it is *possible* to retrieve them if necessary, should you need to use them elsewhere. To do so you would need to use report writer Preferences > Preferences, File Locations to open the User and Temporary folder. Open your report. To prevent users from accidentally damaging or goofing up an open report, the $tmp folders are hidden folders. So you may need to set windows View settings to show hidden files and folders. Then you should see the $tmp folder for that report. Open the $tmp folder, and view details. The IM$$ type files are your images. So... you could actually highlight and select all the images in your report, Copy them and paste them into another folder on your computer. (Be sure not to change or mess with any of the files directly in the report $tmp folder to make sure you don't accidentally damage the report). Then you could access or edit the copied images further from another folder. However, in order to insert them into a 3D report again, you would need to rename them to remove the IM$$ from the front of the image filenames (otherwise it would cause an error). But you could now insert the images elsewhere or tweak them as needed that way if you really had to.

One of the other suggestions may work better for you though, or you may pick and choose which photos you want to also just take with the regular camera instead of only in Phone3D.

Any photos you take directly in the phone's Pictures app you would have to retrieve and manage separate in Zune, including removing them from your phone's storage space, etc. However any photos you take directly into a Phone3D report are embedded in that report. When you upload your report back to the cloud, the report is saved, compressed, and it and all its embedded photos are removed from the phone after successfully uploaded. So that manages itself automatically, with no special steps needed on your end.

12-05-2011, 02:06 AM
I've been able to save photos taken within from the app to a location separate from the report on my home computer's hard drive, but its not a mass production exercise. While I have the report open on my home computer, I click on the photo I want to save elsewhere, to get it to open it up for regular 3D editing. Then, while while that 3D Edit Image window is open, I click on the additional "Edit Image" icon in that toolbar.

That opens the photo in Microsoft Windows Picture Manager, and you can do a "Save As" from there to put a copy into whatever location you want on your hard drive. I do get an error message stating that the action can't be completed because the other application is busy, but when I look at the Windows Task-Bar at the bottom of the screen, I find that the Picture Manager is indeed open with my photo. The error message gives me the idea that the 3D software might be trying to open the Picture Manager twice.

Whatever is happening, this method is so far working fine for me, and it doesn't seem to adversely affect the 3D software or my report. It is tedious however, and not the way to build up a file of very many photos.

01-23-2012, 10:43 AM
To view hidden items in Windows 7, you can use the standard steps here:
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Show-hidden-files (https://mail.3dinspection.com/owa/tech@3DInspection.com/redir.aspx?C=10144dd2779442c9acb2b24bd6cf0d8d&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwindows.microsoft.com%2fen-US%2fwindows7%2fShow-hidden-files)

Or access the view options similarly while you are in the user/temp folder (which you can choose to Open from RW preferences).