View Full Version : Sending report from PDA to main computer

02-11-2007, 09:18 AM
I am a new 3D user. Situation: I start a job using the PDA. First I insert the address , weather,and exterior items before the client shows up. The PDA then asks : do you want to save? I tap on yes and then I name the document when asked.I then shut the PDA off. I then go inside the home and begin the inspection. I turn on the PDA and reopen the same existing inspection and enter all related information during the approx 2 hour job. I then tap ok when done. I then go home and sync into main computer so I can tweek the inspection and then E-mail it. However the only information that syncs over is the exterior info. Everything I entered into the PDA inside the home is not on the synced report! It is still in the PDA but it will not transfer the info. I then have to manually reenter all info. at home. This has happened three times. Has this happened to anybody. I have 3 jobs on monday and I'm afraid of this happening again.Any suggestions?

02-12-2007, 05:05 PM
Are you sure those 3 times you maybe forgot to tap Ok and close the report or Save it so that it updated the previously saved file with your latest information before connecting and converting the report?

If you did do that, and can reopen the report in Pocket3D and see all your data- maybe you prematurely converted the file after the prior save into your main computer at some point. If so, you might use the File > Merge Pocket3D option in the main computer to merge the resaved pocket report into your existing converted one.

Or else use File > Open Inspection to locate the previously converted .r3d file, right-click and delete it, cancel the menu, make sure all reports are closed, then Open Pocket3D Inspection again to convert the entire pocket report fresh.