View Full Version : Windows 7 Tablet

12-12-2011, 01:42 PM
Is there a way to install the 3D mobile app onto my Windows 7 tablet and use the cloud to transfer finished reports from the field back to my desktop for editing?

12-12-2011, 03:23 PM
Actually for a full-Windows tablet running Windows 7, you'd just install he regular 3D software on that. Since 3D comes with a license to install on two regular windows computers, you can install on a tablet and regular computer. Or if you wish to use on more than that, you can always obtain an extra license from sales.

To easily transfer inspections to/from your main computer and a regular windows 7 tablet via the internet, you can use Inspection Sync Services in preferences. See Help there for details and setup steps.

01-21-2012, 04:26 AM
I too had same problem and tried to search in HELP but did not got any solution. Should i re-install it?