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03-21-2007, 02:08 PM
How to Install Pocket3D from Vista to your Pocket PC using a .CAB File

This installation method basically transfers the program .CAB file to your Pocket PC so the installation program can run there.

1. First make sure you’ve already installed the Pocket3D software to your hard drive using your main 3D Inspection Software download or installer.
2. Make sure you've downloaded and installed the Windows Mobile Device Center from Microsoft (note- WMDC is not the same as the Sync Center, although once installed, you may use the Sync Center to access WMDC)

3. On your PC, click Start > Computer > Local Disk C: >Program Files > Pocket3D.
4. Locate and highlight both CAB files provided, and Copy them to the windows clipboard.
5. Connect your Pocket PC to your PC and open Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) on your Vista PC. Make sure your device is connected.
6. In WMDC, choose File Management > Browse the contents of your device.
7. Open the main memory area (possibly unlabled)
9. In the root of the main memory area, right-click and Paste. The Pocket3DNoPrint or Pocket3D file you copied should appear.

10. Now on your Pocket PC directly, tap Programs > File Explorer.
11. In File Explorer, My Device tap the two CAB file you transferred.

Now Pocket3D is installed and available under Start > Programs in your Pocket PC.

04-10-2007, 02:43 PM
Setting & Determining “Files” Synchronization Folder
To transfer files between your Pocket PC device and Vista, you must tell Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) to transfer “Files” and learn the location of synchronization folder it creates for this purpose. Afterwards, you tell 3D to send your forms there so WMDC transfers them to your unit.

1. Open WMDC
2. Choose Mobile Device Settings > Change Contact Sync settings.
3. Make sure “Files” is selected.
4. Under Files, choose “Sync Settings”. When they appear, hover over “On this computer synchronize the files in this folder” to view the complete name and location of the folder WMDC is using for your device files.
5. Write the complete location down for future reference. Normally, the location would be under your user profile Documents folder, with a partnership named after your user profile.

Now you can follow the normal instructions in the Getting Started Guide for Pocket3D in the HelpDesk section “Compiling Forms for Pocket3D (Sending Your Forms)” and begin using Pocket3D!

02-14-2008, 12:45 PM
Microsoft says connection issues can be caused by Windows Live OneCare in Windows Vista, other firewalls, or an impartially installed driver. They have a couple troubleshooting pages with various tips and info:


07-23-2008, 01:30 PM
If installing Pocket3D for Version 11, the easiest way is to open the HelpDesk in your main program Actions pane and view the Getting Started Guide for Pocket3D. It has step by step instructions that walk right through installing on XP or Vista, as well as sending forms over and converting a test report.