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10-18-2006, 09:04 AM
Need help in resolving an issue with tapping menu items into the "Sub-headings" on the PDA. The forms that I've developed have phrase menus that can be threaded into a statement and/or a group of statements within the sub-heading line. When I tap in the series of menu selections in the sequence that creates the statement, the order in which the text shows in the edit line is out of sequence. As an example: if I tap on "cover not removed" & then "no issues noted", the edit line always displays "no issues noted, cover not removed". In several different cases, I tried to reverse the tapping order to see if the order would change. It didn't. The order would still be reversed. The other part of this that makes no sense is that it's only a problem within a selected group of sub-headings. I've checked the menu items in forms studio to see if the sub-headings in question have any different formatting than ones that I'm not have this problem. There appears to be no variations. When I convert the report to my desktop, I'm having to line-by-line edit each statement. This is creating more time for me to edit and complete the report.
I was having this problem on rev 9. I'm also seeing the problem on rev 10

10-23-2006, 06:31 PM
Are you using the Send Menu to line function directly in Pocket3D? It should send them in the order they appear on the menu, unless you send some, then mark more, send them, and so forth.

Or is this happening when the menus all remain selected in Pocket and you simply convert the final report into the main computer? If so, there may be a discrepancy in the order of your menu items in your compiled form sets for the main program vs the compiled pocket forms in the problem areas. If so, then recompiling for pocket3D should cure it for the next new reports, unless there are any compile errors.