View Full Version : Pocket 3d version 9. Is there an updated version

Steve Rush
08-28-2007, 11:15 PM
I utilized tablet PCs in the field and sync to my desktop. The laptops and PC are using 3d ver.10.6.
I purchased an HP IPAC several months ago to be used in the event of a crash in the field to allow data collection without interupt. Thankfully, I have not had to use it.
I recently synced the IPAC with the desktop after not doing so for a while and noticed that 3d ver. 9 is on the pocket PC. There were no problems in the active sync transfer and everything appeared normal when playing around with sample reports.
Has there been an upgrade to pocket PC? If so how do I upgrade to allow no complications when syncing reports if the need arose? I am on the updated subscription. I am hesitant to open previous updated versions and patches to prevent complications.
Secondly, I use graphical forms. Is there a way to have a diagram feature on the pocket PC?


08-29-2007, 09:34 AM
You would have the new version 10 Pocket3D available in the same installation that you used to install version 10 on the desktop. When you run the installation file, a window opens that says Install Pocket3D or Install Software. You would choose Install Pocket3D to do just that. Then you should be able to follow the installation instructions in the Pocket3D Getting Started Guide in the HelpDesk. If you are using Windows XP, it should go something like this:

***Install 3D Inspection System software Version 10.0***

If you have an evaluation currently installed, uninstall your current version using Add or Remove Programs. You can uninstall both 3D Inspection Systems, and the HelpDesk (if the 3D HelpDesk is listed). Then:

1) Disable any protection software (virus and spyware scans and firewalls), any HP software or Toolbox, and anything else that could be running in the background that could cause a problem.

2) Insert the 10.0 installation CD, or run the .exe installation file that you downloaded to your desktop if you received your program via email. This will launch a WinZip self-extractor, and then the frontend of 3D will open up with buttons for you to click to Install.

3) Click on Install Pocket3D to install Pocket3D to your desktop

4) Click on Install Software to install the desktop version of 3D.

Follow through with the installation prompts.

***Install Pocket3D software Version 10.0***

1) Connect your Pocket PC to your desktop/laptop computer, and make sure that Microsoft ActiveSync indicates that you are connected and synchronized.

2) Make sure all programs on the Pocket PC are closed.

3) Click Start...Programs or All Programs...Pocket3D...Install Pocket3D. Follow the instructions for installation (Use the default settings).