Paul Bousquet
09-11-2008, 11:24 AM
Just successfully compiled a large group form for a 12 dwelling appartment building
When trying to start the program on my PDA I get the error message: INITIALIZE REPPORT:

Any ideas!!!!


09-12-2008, 02:55 PM
That error could occur if the forms are simply too large to work in the Pocket PC device's memory. Since you mention using a 12 unit form, that is probably the issue. I'll bet the compiled .3DC pocket form file itself is probably fairly large. And the form group is probably too large to load all at one time.

You might consider just doing separate reports for each unit.

Or now that Pocket3D in version 11 has the ability for headings and subheadings to be copied on the fly directly in Pocket3D itself, you may be able to eliminate some replicated form items that may be duplicated in their master forms, which may also help make the forms smaller.

For example, most users use a heading for a single bath area with subheadings for the different elements of that area. They might have previously set up 5-6 of these bath headings in their forms just in case they might happen to need that many, since it wasn't possible before to copy or add headings and subheadings on the fly in pocket. But now that headings can be copied, there's no need to try to anticipate the maximum number of items that might be needed. Rather, it's now much more efficient to just include the very minimum number of repeated elements and then simply copy them as needed while in the field. That will tend to reduce the size of forms as well as make it more efficient to navigate them while inspecting in the field. So if you find your pocket forms for that group are rather large, might may want to take a look at your form design to see if you might be able to shorten your forms and instead make use of these new features. If the forms are rather large, that should certainly help in general, and could eliminate the problem if it is related.

You also could test whether form size itself is the issue, or whether there is some kind of logical issue that we can address. If you copy the form group and remove several forms from the set and compile that for Pocket3D and that works, and add those forms back and remove a few different forms instead and that also works, then it would have to be a memory issue and not a logical issue.

I hope one or more of the suggestions helps!