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Bret Kaufmann
11-04-2008, 07:34 PM
Is there any pocket pc available today can take photos for insertion into the report on-site?

11-05-2008, 12:08 PM
I know a number of manufacturers have made various models of Pocket PCs with built-in camera, or pocket PC phones with built-in camera. I couldn't tell you which current models have cameras, but you probably could just check specs. I'd imagine most of the phone devices would. However, keep in mind that most such cameras may still take "cell-phone quality" pics, so that might not be good enough for you. Some inspectors who've tried using them in the past told me the quality just wasn't there yet. I only know of one inspector who told me he was successful with doing that, but that he had to use a good flashlight like a stinger if taking pics in dark areas like under sinks, etc.

However, something that can be done instead with any pocket PC is to just bookmark the fields where you want the photos to go as you inspect and take photos with your regular digital camera. Bookmarks are automatically time-stamped, so as long as the bookmarks are added within a couple minutes before or after the pictures are taken, you can use the time-stamp to match up related images. Then when done with the inspection, pop in your camera card, set your image to filter based on the time-stamps, flip through your bookmarks and quickly pop in the images as needed.
There's a video in the online area of the HelpDesk that shows how time-stamped bookmarks work.