View Full Version : Installation message- Unsupported Device Type

12-29-2006, 02:56 PM
Problem: When installing Pocket3D to your device, the message "Unsupported Device Type- 3D Inspection Systems Pocket3D does not support the connected device type. Application manager will make the application available" appears.


The device you are attempting to install to is not supported by Pocket3D. Most likely, you are using a really old Pocket PC produced prior to the Windows Mobile based operating system. Those older units are no longer supported by current Microsoft development tools, so current and future versions of Pocket3D cannot run on them. To install current versions of Pocket3D, you must have a unit that runs Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PCs or higher.

The best solution is to obtain and use a current Windows Mobile type Pocket PC unit. You'll find that replacing your aging hardware will result in improved speed and performance, and allows you to make use of newer Windows Mobile features like switching your screen between portrait and landscape modes when desired, and so forth. You won't regret the upgrade!

But if you are attempting to get the last remaining life out of an old device, this messsage means you won't be able to install and use the current Pocket3D version on it. However, since Pocket3D for version 9 is compatible with our regular version 10 software, you could actually continue to use that version of Pocket3D on your older unit if you really want to. However, any newer features in current versions of Pocket3D simply won't be available. For example, you won't have the bookmark timestamp features available, or any newer Pocket features we add in the future.

If you still have Pocket3D for version 9 installed on your older unit, then you're all set and can just continue using it for now. Otherwise, if you no longer have it on the unit and want to reinstall it, you may need to uninstall Pocket3D from the Control Panel, and then locate and run your prior version 9 installation file and choose to install that Pocket3D to your main computer and subsequently to your unit.

Pocket3D 9 also will not be compatible with version 11, so you will eventually want to get a modern unit.