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Peter Crawford
03-19-2010, 09:22 AM
My link to the HelpDesk in the actions pane of 3D does not work (file not found error). As this is where you have buried the installation instructions for Pocket 3D, I am not sure how to install the current version. In the past there were two files (Pocket3D and Pocket3DNoPrint). The current package has one large file named NETCFv35 and a smaller one named Pocket3DNoPrint. Please post installation instructions here or somewhere else that does not require the HelpDesk. I would also suggest not burying installation instructions for an application in another application. How about a simple read me file in the Pocket 3D folder or a link to a simple html instructions page?

03-19-2010, 02:40 PM
Instructions vary depending on the version of Windows you have installed, but basically you just copy the CABs to your PDA and launch them there to install (as is indicated at the top of the simple readme html that appears automatically). For the more detailed step by step picture guide to walk through doing that, see the getting started guide in the main program HelpDesk (which would also be accessible directly from the program application folder).

But since you need your HelpDesk anyway to access other handy documentation, videos, and items, if your HelpDesk action is not working, use Customize My Actions to delete the existing actions and add one fresh:

Click Customize My Actions
locate and highlight the original helpdesk action and click Delete in the toolbar. Click OK when prompted if you are sure.
Next click Add Action
For name of action, type "HelpDesk", click Next.
Click next on category
For type of action, select Miscellaneous- Launch an application. Click Next.
In the Application to Launch prompt, type helpdesk.exe and click Next.
Click Finish.
When finished, click Save. Your new helpdesk action should now be there and work properly.