View Full Version : Mini With Touch Screen V ipaq

04-17-2010, 08:07 AM
Since buying PDA's is becoming harder and I believe will in time not be an option we are considering using a Mini laptop with a touch screen in place of our IPAQ's. I realize we will not be able to use pocket 3D. Has anyone else done this and what were your results?

We feel the smart phones are too small for our use and since it appears Microsoft is changing Mobile window 7 to a new operating system I assume this will not work with pocket 3D. Are there any options I have overlooked?


04-19-2010, 10:13 AM
What about the new HTC HD2? It has a larger screen than most PDAs and has gotten some of the best reviews I've ever seen.

But yes, the new Windows Phone 7 is a different OS entirely, designed more for gaming and consumer use, and not targeting business per Microsoft, and not compatible with any existing .NET apps for Windows Mobile. But it sounds as if MS isn't planning on necessarily retiring the WinMo6.5 series, so that may be around for a long time to come. Although we are still looking into what options may be available for the new Phone 7 OS also anyway.

If you prefer to go with a small laptop, there's also a lot of them out there now, Tablets or netbooks. I'd make sure I go with on with a decent amount of RAM though if getting one, esp. a netbook since *some* of them are minimally powered, while others actually have pretty good specs.