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Paul Bousquet
12-20-2010, 12:57 AM
Hi Donna
I will be purchasing a new Phone , Samsung Focus, as per 3D recommendation and doing my own research
I would like to know, are there any instruction as to how 3D works, how do I get my form groups onto the phone, how to sunc the pics as I go along etc
I also want to put a video together to show how this works.



12-20-2010, 10:10 AM
All the setup info needed is provided right on the phone3D page that would be provided in your 11.3 upgrade email.

Basically you just install the phone3D app from the Microsoft Marketplace.
After you turn on cloud3D and sign up for an account with 3D and it's turned on, you just pre-start your cloud reports from Office Management, and they go to the cloud waiting for you. In phone3D, you login to cloud3d, download your pending reports into your phone3D app. After completing your inspections in phone3D, you just upload them back to the cloud. Then in OM, you Convert Cloud3D Inspections back to your phone and that's it. That's all there is to it. It's really that simple. Of course if you have any bookmarked items or any further finalizations you need to do in your final report at that point, you now have your regular report back in your main program that you may do whatever you need with.

As for pictures, there's no special syncing needed. You insert pics directly into the report field on the phone where you want them. Just tap the camera tool in phone3D and take your photos. That's it. They automatically go right into the report wherever you take them instantly. Very easy and simple. No special set up- it just works!

I suppose you could do a video showing you using phone3D on an inspection, but it's really pretty simple as Microsoft has eliminated most of the setup needed for old mobile devices to make it foolproof and easy. :cool: It's an entirely different animal than any kind of mobile solution prior.