View Full Version : file location of PDA not remembered

01-10-2011, 07:01 PM
I am having difficulty when converting pocket inspectins to the report writer. All of a sudden the program will not remember the location of the PDA when downloading pocket files and I always have to locate it. It then loads up with the name %20job name%20. I thought this should automatically remember the file location. I bet there is a simple fix but I have no idea. Thanks.:confused:

01-11-2011, 11:07 AM
Sounds weird, as it does remember last location. Are you maybe sending reports or your compiled pocket forms to a different folder? (normally they would be the same). If you're sending pre-started pocket reports to a different folder then converting them from, maybe that's it.

The percents sound weird through. Send a ticket with a screen shot of the dialog showing the folder you're converting from to tech support.

The only other thing I can think of that might prevent windows from remember a folder location is ifthere is a comma somewhere in the path. You might see if maybe that's a factor.