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Old 08-17-2011, 06:04 PM
safetekk safetekk is offline
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Default Subscription Renewal

To whom it may concern,

I recently received an e-mail concerning subscrition renewal and was directed to a page with the following choices...

(A) Yes, please sign me up for automatic renewal of my software subscription, and lock in my current subscription rate* indefinitely. I authorize 3D Inspection Systems, Inc. to charge my credit card on file (or a replacement card number I provide) annually on or near my subscription renewal anniversary date.** I understand I may cancel at any time by resubmitting this form with my new preference. However as long as I continually remain on the auto-renew plan, my current subscription rate* will be locked in indefinitely with no price increase.

(B) No, please do not sign me up for auto renewal of my software subscription plan, as I prefer to renew manually each year. I understand that by not signing up for auto-renew it is entirely my responsibility to keep track of my subscription expiration date and make certain I renew on or before that date if I wish to renew at the same rate*. I understand that by not renewing before my subscription anniversary date**, I will permanently lose my rate lock-in and ANY future renewals will be at the then current rate at the time I upgrade and rejoin the subscription plan.

(C) No, I do not intend to renew my software subscription plan. I understand that this means I will not automatically receive new version series releases in the future, but may choose to purchase an upgrade later at the normally higher upgrade cost, and may opt to also add a new subscription plan at that time at the then current rate. I realize that although I may continue using them for as long I am able to do so, older versions eventually become non-supported by 3D Inspection Systems over time.

Having read these options its hard not to draw the conclusion that someone has forgotten their role in our relationship. To be specific, the role of the service provider.

What I'm essentially seeing here is...

"We won't raise your rates BUT we also wont send you a reminder of subscription renewal in the hopes that you'll forget and we can subsequently raise your rates"

Quite frankly I would have been happier had I been told that due to operating costs/expenses you've felt it necessary to raise subscription rates. As a business owner I can understand that concept. What I can't understand is the notion of a service provider making financial decisions on my behalf. To be specific...choosing my payment method for me and using the threat of plan price increase to sway my decision.

While businesses certainly have that right, their clients typically also have the right to shop elsewhere. However due to our franchise agreement we're obligated to use your software and don't share the same luxury as the average consumer. It apppears you believe since we're contractually bound to use your product that you have us by the proverbial short-hairs. I assure you that this is simply not the case.

As such I feel it necessary to inform you of our corporate policies...

1. We use service prtoviders that will meet our financial and business needs
2. If any service provider fails to meet those needs they will be replaced by a provider that understands their role

While this list is much longer these are the only 2 rules that really apply here. Again to be specific, I only ask for a few simple things my business needs to operate if you want to keep your job...

Aside from the obvious software suport, my business needs an annual e-mail to remind me that my subscription is about to expire. If you're unable to meet this simple need just say the word and we'll make other arrangements for the products and services we need.
David Sorge, USN Retired
President, Inspect-It 1st of NE Florida
2011-2012 VP FL-ASHI
Old 08-19-2011, 08:34 AM
Donna Donna is offline
3D Guru
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Don't jump to such harsh (and mistaken) conclusions. The ONLY thing new here is option A.
B and C have always been typical policy and haven't changed (except that now people can actually avoid any future increase EVER if they wish and that was never offered before- that's entirely new, and one can do that with either option A or B, so that's a really great improvement). Especially in this economy. But if you want to volunteer to just pay more, no one else will complain. But others would like a choice. I know I would.

I have heard the full explanation of the arrangement, and it is entirely different than what you suggest, and providing the new A option again was actually requested to be reinstated by many after it was discontinued years back. I would suggest you please just contact their sales dept. directly to discuss the matter as it sounds like you have misinterpreted the notice, and what really happens with various options. No one said anything about not getting notices anymore.

But you surely know a lot of notices go out and folks can overlook them or ignore then, which understandably happens in a busy business, or when other employees are involved. Or they might not receive them because of over-zealous email or spam filters. Naturally that causes all sorts of issues and unwanted side effects on both ends. So Whose responsibility do you really think it is to respond to the notices that go out? I hope you respond to other bills and notices you receive, but if you do forget or misplace a bill for a time and end up with a late payment, who is responsible? It's nice to actually have an option to it things easier and clearer and completely eliminate surprises later just because of some inadvertent oversight. Utility companies and others provide those options now, so why criticize people who want to take advantage of that. You can certainly choose one of the other options and continue as before. It's nice they want to know your actual preference, so they'll know whether to keep sending you notices or not. You know not everyone wants to be bothered all the time with extra emails that require action, and would prefer things just be handled automatically so they can focus on more important business at hand then administrative junk.

Please go back and re-read the entire notices. Please go back and re-read both entire related links. Or if you still have a question or want clarification, actually contact someone who can give you more details face to face. I'm sure that will help clear up the misunderstanding for you.

Last edited by Donna : 08-19-2011 at 11:22 AM. Reason: fix misspelling

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